I’m not afraid to kill. I’m just afraid. You can’t be. 

How? You fight it and fight it. You don’t give up. And then, one day, you just change. We all change. 

Emily killing the game and my soul at iHeartRadio Music Festival // September 19, 2014

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adjective : living; having life.

I know you look at me and you just see another dead girl. I’m not Michonne. I’m not Carol. I’m not Maggie. I’ve  s u r v i v e d  and you don’t get it ‘cause I’m not like you or them.

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here’s some Bethyl  for tr0pic4lr4inb0w 030

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Daryl implies that h e  h a s  f e e l i n g s  f o r  h e r, but before Beth c a n  r e s p o n d, walkers swarm the house. Beth runs outside, where she’s kidnapped by people driving a car with a white cross painted on the rear windshield. Daryl chases after the car, but is u n a b l e  t o  c a t c h  u p.